Home Wireless Computer Networking Solutions

If you want the benefits of a networked home but do not want a cabled solution, then a home wireless network is most likely the solution for you. Computers, laptops, hifis and games consoles can all be placed around your home and still benefit from the ability to intercommunicate with one another and the internet.

Networking Without Wires

The flexible and neat way of connecting all of the parts of your home computer network together is with an ICJ Consulting wireless network. Combining the latest products and our knowledge of deployment techniques means that every part of your house can have a fast & reliable connection without a cable in sight. Contact us for a quote.

Do Not Compromise on Security

It is scary how poor the security is on many of the wireless networks we come across. If you buy a wireless solution off the shelf, then you can expect it to come without any encryption configured to protect your home network from prying eyes, but the worrying truth is that many 'Professional Computer Companies' are happy to provide you with a solution that leaves your home computers and data at risk. With a wireless network solution from ICJ Consulting we always ensure that your home is protected by the latest wireless encryption technology so that only the people you want to have access to your network can do so.

A Portable Solution

Once you have installed a cabled network into your home, that investment is difficult to take with you if you move house. With a wireless network, all of the equipment you have spent your hard earned cash on can move with you - a few tweaks by our experienced engineers and your wireless network will be optimised and ready to carry on working in your new home.