Home Computer Problems

There are lots of problems that your computer could have, from a never ending list of error messages to various hardware failures.

From laptops & desktop PCs, printers to networks - ICJ Consulting can diagnose and fix most computer problems quickly and easily without charging you a fortune!

It Won't Turn On!

Our engineers will visit your home and provide a rapid, and where possible accurate diagnosis of your computer problem. If it can be fixed on the spot, then you will be provided with a price and you can be up and running in no time at all. Where it is necessary to remove equipment for a workshop repair, we will endeavour to estimate costs and complete all work as quickly as possible - we dislike unknown bills and lengthy repair schedules as much as you do!

Virus Attack

Dealing with viruses, malware and spyware attacks has become our most regular source of work. These pieces of malicious code are disrupting both home and business computing, and are becoming more prevalent as we all expose our PCs to more time connected to the world wide web.

House Keeping

Computers when left to their own devices are messy disorganised creatures. A regular tidy up and inspection can ensure that your PC stays in tip-top condition and will hopefully find any problems before they become serious.

Valuable Data - No Worries!

Family photos, household financial records and of course the dreaded coursework - your PC has got the lot... Until it goes wrong!
If your computer will not boot, do not worry your data is usually safe and can be recovered.
If your computer needs a repair (particularly to software) and you are nervous about our engineers working on your computer, we can offer a full backup service. This involves taking a complete mirror image copy of your computer, and storing it safely while it is repaired. That way, should anything go wrong with the repair we can always rely on the backup.
We aim to provide a service that leaves you completely confident that your essential data is well cared for!