CCTV Chelmsford, Essex

CCTV systems for your home or business.

From a home installation to monitor for unwanted guests to whole sites filled with cameras, speakers and sensors to protect business assets and employees. ICJ Consulting and our AV partner Hetra Media Ltd are the right people to take care of your CCTV needs. Our joint team of experienced engineers can advise you of the best equipment and installation locations to ensure that you get good quality footage of any incident.

Securing Your Home

Home CCTV Solutions, ChelmsfordHome security is a growing concern, and we take our responsibility to provide you with proven reliable products very seriously. There is a lot of competition in the home CCTV market, and we pride ourselves on the quality of our installations.
Many of our CCTV products are compatible with home burglar alarm systems, and can be integrated into a full home security solution. We also specialise in discrete installation to ensure your home remains looking like a home and not a film set.

Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring of CCTV, ChelmsfordAll digital CCTV systems can be monitored remotely. This means that while you are holidaying you can keep an eye on your home, or while you take a business trip abroad you can see that your office is safe and your staff are hard at work.
ICJ Consulting can advise you on the right remote monitoring solution for you - we can even configure a system that will allow you to warn an intruder that they are being watched on CCTV using the microphone in your laptop while you are hundreds of miles from the speakers on the ouside of your factory.

Securing Your Business

title=There are enough pressures on business owners without the added worry of security.
ICJ Consulting can provide you with a complete security solution for your business; monitoring traffic in and out of the car park, supervising your workforce and of course keeping a close eye on the warehouse.
ICJ Consulting engineers can discuss the best solution to secure every area of your business and provide you with a reliable solution so that you can keep your mind on making money instead of worrying about your assets and people.