Computer Networking Solutions for Business

A computer network is a group of computers that are connected together to share resources. The benefits to business of computer networking includes cost cutting though the sharing of expensive items such as printers and scanners, improved efficiency through the sharing of information in the form of files and databases and of course the provision of internet and email services.

Wired Networking

Connecting your equipment using wires is the fastest, most reliable and secure way of creating a business network. Using the latest cabling standards combined with proven hardware means that ICJ Consulting can provide you with a business network that will not keep you waiting when it matters.

Wireless Networking

Connecting your equipment using radio waves is the flexible and neat way of creating a network in your business. Combining the latest wireless solutions with our knowledge of wireless deployment means that ICJ Consulting can provide you with a business network that offers true flexibility whilst also remaining totally secure.

Wide Area Networking, Virtual Private Networks and Remote Working

Accessing your business network from home, abroad or even the McDonalds around the corner is a reality with the advanced networking solutions available from ICJ Consulting. You tell us your need and we will find a solution that works for you.

Complete Network Solutions

All of these technologies are fantastic, and each has it's own unique benefit to your business - the benefit of using ICJ Consulting for your networking solutions is that we can combine all of these different solutions into one tailor made package that is optimised to help your business be more efficient and ultimately more successful - your growth and success is our growth and success!