Wireless Computer Networking Solutions

Connecting your equipment using radio waves is the flexible and neat way of creating a network in your business. Combining the latest wireless solutions with our knowledge of wireless deployment means that ICJ Consulting can provide you with a business network that offers true flexibility whilst also remaining totally secure.

Networking Without Wires

If you have read the benefits of networking on our Cabled Network Solutions page, but want to get more flexibility out of your business network then wireless networking could be the solution for you! Pick up your laptop, take it anywhere in the building and still be connected to your files, printers, emails and the internet without all the unsightly wires - perfect for a meeting with clients in the boardroom where you need access to your network, but want a clean cable free environment in which to talk to them. Contact us for a quote .

Do Not Compromise on Security

It is scary how poor the security is on many of the wireless networks we come across. If you buy a wireless solution off the shelf, then you can expect it to come without any encryption configured to protect your vital data from prying eyes, but the worrying truth is that many 'Professional IT Companies' are happy to provide you with a solution that leaves you at risk from hackers, corporate espionage and data protection laws. With a wireless network solution from ICJ Consulting we always discuss your security needs and ensure that our equipment is configured and tested to ensure your information and resources can only be accessed by the people you authorise to do so.

A Portable Solution

Once you have installed hard wired cables into a building, that investment is difficult to take with you if you move premises. With a wireless network, all of the infrastructure you have invested in can be moved and easily reconfigured in a new location without a great deal of expense or delay.