Wired Computer Networking Solutions

Connecting your equipment using wires is the fastest, most reliable and secure way of creating a business network. Using the latest cabling standards combined with proven hardware means that ICJ Consulting can provide you with a business network that will not keep you waiting when it matters.

Industry Standard Ethernet Solutions - The Technical Bit!

ICJ Consulting installs and maintains wired networking solutions using industry standard twisted pair cabling solutions - known at Category 5 (cat5), Category 6 (cat6) and Category 7 (cat7), these high specification cables can be run up to 100m in length and can support speeds of up to 10 Gigabit Ethernet when combined with the latest switching hardware.

Networking Made Simple - What You Really Need to Know!

If you do not wish to get technical, and all you really want to ensure that your staff can get the best from your IT spend then you need look no further. ICJ Consulting can provide you with a cabled network solution that meets your budget and needs, just tell us what you want to achieve and we will advise you on a suitable range or products. Contact us for a quote.

Data Sharing

One of the most important uses of networking is to allow the sharing of data (often known as file sharing). Before networking, a member of sales staff who wanted to prepare a report for their manager would have to produce it on their computer, put it on a disk, and then walk it over to the manager, who would transfer the data to their computer's hard disk. Networking allows hundreds of employees to share important data much more easily and quickly than this. Better still, it also makes is possible for many people to access the same data, such as a contacts database or live stock information. The possibilities are endless and ICJ Consulting can help you harness this technology to improve efficiency within your business!

Hardware Sharing

Before networking, you had a choice... 1) buy every employee an expensive printer for their desk or 2) use the old manual file transfer method above to take their files to the computer which has the printer attached to it. Networking puts a stop to this, and gives you the option of sharing expensive hardware on your business network. ICJ Consulting can configure a single large (and therefore cheaper to run) networked printer in a central location that every computer in the room, building or universe can print to. This technology can be deployed to save your business money on printers, scanners, backup devices and much more.