Remote Networking Solutions for Business

Wide Area Networking, Virtual Private Networks and Remote Working: Accessing your business network from home, abroad or even the McDonalds around the corner is a reality with the advanced networking solutions available from ICJ Consulting. You tell us your need and we will find a solution that works for you.

Leave the Office Without Leaving the Network

Having got used to all of the networking benefits ICJ Consulting can offer you with out cabled networks and wireless networks, You obviously want to continue accessing these facilities when you leave the office, and we can help you to do it. A few standard solutions are detailed below, but if you do not see the best solution for your business needs then contact us for advice.

Point to Point Solutions

If you have more than one office, or want to connect the MD's home to the main office ICJ Consulting can provide you with the latest point to point connectivity solutions - including equipment capable of working where line of sight between the two offices is not viable. These robust solutions are fast, reliable, secure and can save your business a lot of money in the mid to long term.

Virtual Private Networking

Businesses wishing to connect branch office networks together historically needed to rent expensive network capacity (eg leased lines) to achieve full, secured connectivity between their office locations. With a VPN, you can utilise public network infrastructure such as the Internet to make these connections and connect into your virtual network through much cheaper broadband connections. VPN solutions are also highly viable for staff that work from home or out on the road as it provides a secure connection to network resources from any internet connection.

Remote Working and Remote Support

Using class leading applications such as LogMeIn, ICJ Consulting can gain fast and secure access to your computers within your office without leaving our own office - this ensures you get a fast response time to many support calls, and gives our engineers direct access to help you in clear and visual way.

This technology can also be deployed to help your business. If you need to remotely access your computers, then a similar solution may be the most cost effective way of meeting your needs.