Computer & IT Systems Auditing

Auditing the IT Systems and Policies of your business is the best way to ensure that technology is being used effectively, and that risks (such as critical data loss or data protection breach) are kept to an absolute minimum.

Sleep Well at Night

By completing an IT Audit of your business, ICJ Consulting is able to
provide managers, directors and/or shareholders with a clear picture of where your business is right now in terms of technology. We will provide a clear report showing where
IT is working for your business and where is is letting you down, with specific focus on areas where we feel you
are putting your business at risk and the best ways to move forward and reduce these risks in a cost effective manor.

Complete Audit of IT Systems and Policies

Looking at every area of technology usage, license obligations, risk management and information security. A complete IT audit includes all of the 'sub-audits' listed below and provides stakeholders with a clear picture of the state of your business's technology.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Audit

Having a Backup Solution and an IT Disaster Recovery Plan are essential for your business to survive a disaster. What makes ICJ Consulting different is that we don't just implement these essential services we can also provide regular auditing to ensure that your Backup System is working and your IT Disaster Recovery Plan is still effective. We can inspect and provide full written reports so that you know where your weaknesses lie before you find out the hard way.

IT Policy Audit

The latest technology is useless without effective policy to accompany it. Such policy should at very least cover your organisation's position with regard to employees use of computer systems (both for business and personal use), rules to ensure information security is maintained and a plan to cover both man-made and natural disasters.

ICJ Consulting's IT Policy Audits aim to independently test these policies, and highlight any areas that may cause those with a stake in the business to have trouble sleeping at night.

IT Security Audit

Secure IT infrastructure and policy are only as good as their real world ability to withstand attack, thus your only way of effectively testing them is to employ someone to try and penetrate your security.

Using the same mindset as an imposter would to try and gain access to your critical data is the 'fun' side of an IT Engineer's job. ICJ Consulting will, with your permission, try numerous hacking methodologies to obtain access to your computer network and associated resources. We will then provide a full report listing any vulnerabilites and our suggested solutions.

Software License Audit

Computer software licence audits are fast becoming a necessity. Licensing requirements have become more complex and software manufacturers are focusing their clamp down efforts primarily on business users. A software audit will assess for any deficit between software installed on your computer systems and the number of licenses (and associated proof of purchase documentation) that are held by your company. By ensuring that your business remains free of license deficits, you are able to minimise the risk of prosecution.