Business Computer Problems

Computer system problems can costs businesses big money. From the now unproductive employee to the potentially disgruntled customer who can't place an order, the cost of IT problems can be huge.

Failing laptops, desktops, printers, servers, networks or any other IT peripheral - ICJ Consulting can diagnose and fix almost all of your business computer failures quickly and efficiently. Meaning your staff can get back to work, customers can get back to placing orders and any headache can be minimised.

Prevention is Better Than Cure!

Don't wait for your business IT infrastructure to fall apart to call in an expert. It is a lot quicker to a fix a problem before your PC or network has ground to a halt, and a quicker fix results in smaller bills.

Repairing by Remote Control

Some software issues can now be fixed via a remote connection. This allows us to fix your software problems without visiting your office. Unfortunately, hardware problems cannot be fixed using this fantastic technology, but we will endavour to use it where possible to both protect the environment and keep your bills low.

Virus Attack

Dealing with viruses, malware and spyware attacks has become our most regular source of work. These pieces of malicious code disrupt business computing and are becoming more prevalent as PCs are exposed to more time connected to the world wide web.

House Keeping

Computers when left to their own devices are messy disorganised creatures. A regular tidy up and inspection can ensure that your PC stays in tip-top condition and will hopefully find any problems before they become serious.