Computer Software License Auditing

Computer software licence audits are fast becoming a neccesity. Licensing requirements have become more complex and software manufacturers are focusing their clamp down efforts primarily on business users. A software audit will assess for any deficit between software installed on your computer systems and the number of licenses (and associated proof of purchase documentation) that are held by your company. By ensuring that your business remains free of license deficits, you are able to minimise the risk of prosecution.

Prove You Have Paid For It

If you, as the business owner, can prove that you have paid for the software you are using and that you are using it within the terms of the licensing agreement then you have completely minimised any risk of prosecution.

ICJ Consulting will inspect each and every piece of technology within your organisation that can have software loaded on it and create a list of the software that is installed. We will then look at the licenses you have and list these, noting any breaches of licensing agreements. The comparison of the two lists will give you a clear picture of whether you are fully licensed.

Store the Proof Somewhere Safe

Software licenses are worth a great deal of money, yet many companies seem satisfied to just let each user keep their particular license documentation stored in a desk draw with no central management or document protection system in place.

The monetary cost of replacing lost licenses can easily slip into the thousands of pounds for even a small business, and we know that you wouldn't leave thousands of pounds in cash randomly stored in employees desk draws. Software licenses should be stored centrally in a safe place - preferably a fireproof and waterproof safe (read more about fireproof safes here). Part of our auditing service is to ensure that your licenses are stored safely so they can be easily produced if you were inspected by an official body.