IT Security Auditing

Secure IT infrastructure and policy are only as good as their real world ability to withstand attack, thus your only way of effectively testing them is to employ someone to try and penetrate your security.

Using the same mindset as an imposter would to try and gain access to your critical data is the 'fun' side of an IT Engineer's job. ICJ Consulting will, with your permission, try numerous hacking methodologies to obtain access to your computer network and associated resources. We will then provide a full report listing any vulnerabilites and our suggested solutions.


In order to protect your critical data from either destruction or theft, antivirus software is essential. Not only must it be installed and configured correctly, but it must also be updated regularly (preferably daily) to ensure that you are protected from the latest threats. Our audits will inspect your antivirus protection and report any potential threats to your security.

Data Security

Data security is a big thing. With only a very small percentage of businesses continuing to trade after a critical data loss, it is our responsibility to ensure that you have everything in place to ensure that your critical data is protected. This includes both policies and actions as part of an effective backup solution and disaster recovery plan.


A firewall is an intrusion prevention system for computers, and when deployed correctly will provide a good level of protection for your network from outside influences. Many firewalls are, however, notoriously complex to configure and as such many are not providing as much protection as they should. Using the latest 'port scanning' software and other tricks used by hackers, we will attempt to infiltrate your network and report back any vulnerabilities.


Company policy, and the way it is adhered to will have a large effect on the overall level of IT security within your company. Many auditors pay particular attention to password policies (both in the dimension of password complexity and rules for storing passwords), but IT security is far more than just passwords. ICJ Consulting will inspect your policies to ensure that everything is covered from the threat of unathorised duplication of your critical data by staff to the latest internet confidence tricks.