Computer & IT Policy Auditing

The latest technology is useless without effective policy to accompany it. Such policy should at very least cover your organisation's position with regard to employees use of computer systems (both for business and personal use), rules to ensure information security is maintained and a plan to cover both man-made and natural disasters.

ICJ Consulting's IT Policy Audits aim to independantly test these policies, and highlight any areas that may cause those with a stake in the business to have trouble sleeping at night.

Policies for Employees Using IT Systems

Every employee's contract of employment should contain clear boundaries regarding their use of your IT systems. These boundaries will contain information about use of the internet and email and need to be very clear about any personal use that is approved or disapproved of. Your staff must know how you will be monitoring their use of your IT equipment, and what the procedure will be if they are caught breaching these policies.

The primary aim of such policy is to ensure that every employee knows the boundaries, and can be a co-operative part of your team. However, this is not always the case so any contractual policies need to be based on employment law, and monitoring procedures such as CCTV or email filtering need to be strictly controlled and documented - that way any staff that abuse your trust can be dismissed without opening your business to legal repurcussions.

Policies for Backup & Disaster Recovery

It goes without saying that your company policies covering disaster recovery, and particularly your backup regime need to be scrutinised and checked to ensure they afford your business with the maximum protection possible.

Policies for IT Security

Antivirus, firewalls, password protection and advanced encryption are all available to ensure that your critical data is protected both from destruction and from prying eyes. We will check your IT security policies to ensure that you are deploying these tools effecitvely to protect your business.