Computer Backup Solutions

Data loss is bad for businesses - at best it will have a financial impact, and at worst it can actually cause the collapse of a business. By implementing a well thought out critical data backup solution for your computer systems you can prevent data loss from occurring and thus protect your business. ICJ Consulting can offer you every form of disaster recovery planning from a backup audit to implementing a structured daily backup of your critical data and policies to ensure your backup media is stored safely.

Why Backup?

If it would cost your business time and money to replace a piece of data that is held on your computer system, then it is essential that you back it up. Imagine losing an email sent to you yesterday by a work colleague containing the contact details of a potential new client, or the spreadsheet containing the log of your personal & business mileage that the VAT office want to inspect next week or worse still all of your companies accounts data for the past 6 months. Each of these losses has an impact on business, an impact that can be prevented by implementing a good structured backup policy.

Having been involved in helping businesses in the SME sector get back on their feet after fire and theft, ICJ Consulting has first hand experience of the difference a well implemented backup policy can have. At a time that is already traumatic enough for business owners, our backup solutions really can make the difference between survival and closure.

Why Backup? The answer is simple - you cannot afford not to!   Contact us for backup solution advice.

Good Backup Strategy

The best backup strategy is one that ensures that you have multiple copies of your critical data stored well away from the location of the original data.

The simplest example would be a company that carries out a critical data backup every work day evening on to one of 5 pieces of removable backup media. Their backup strategy would be to leave one piece of removable backup media at the business premises overnight to have their original data copied on to it while the MD sleeps safe and sound at home knowing that he has 4 copies of his critical business data downstairs in his briefcase. Assuming a safe distance exists between the business premises and the MD's home then this solution provides a good protection against fire, theft and sabotage while also offering 4 potential sources for recovery to counter for the unlikely chance of data corruption on one of the pieces of removable backup media.

Backup Media - What are the Options?

Choosing a backup media was once simple, everybody used the good old floppy disk. Now that data is measured in Terabytes a floppy disk is no longer sufficient to backup all of your data. Modern removable backup media is available in many different forms: You can backup on to tapes (AIT, DAT, DLT & LTO to name but a few), you can backup onto USB devices (both USB pen drives and USB external hard disk drives are suitable for backup media) and now with RDX you can combine the best of both of these technologies - RDX is a new disk-based removable media device for data backup and archive applications. RDX combines all the features of tape (removability, portability, long archive life, cartridge automation) with all the benefits of hard disk (high performance, random access, high reliability and low cost).

In a world where industry works hard to take the effort out of our daily lives, of course there is an alternative to removable backup media that allows us to make a good backup without the effort of having to put it in a briefcase and take it home at night. The solutions is to use an online backup facility - thereby storing copies of your critical data on a secured server hosted by a third party on your behalf well away from your business premises. Online backup solutions are automated, reliable, easy to use and have a very low initial cost of ownership compared to removable media. Online backup solutions do require a reasonable internet connection in order for the data to be transmitted and are paid for monthly based on how much information you wish to backup.

Your choice of backup media will depend on how much information you wish to store and your budget combined with your choice of automation levels. Whatever your need, ICJ Consulting can provide a backup solution that will leave you well protected against disaster.

Fireproof Safes - A Cautionary Tale!

You keep your backup media in a fireproof safe, well that must be good . . . well maybe. A recent article in the press highlighted a problem with some fireproof safes, in that they are not always waterproof. The incident in question was a solicitors office which suffered a fire. Later forensic evidence showed that their safe had indeed kept it's contents safe during the fire, and that it was the hundreds of gallons of water used by the fire brigade to quench the flames that destroyed the contents.

If your safe is not waterproof as well as fireproof then it is not a safe place to keep your backup media.