Backup & Disaster Recovery Auditing

Having a Backup Solution and an IT Disaster Recovery Plan are essential for your business to survive a disaster. What makes ICJ Consulting different is that we don't just impliment these essential services we can also provide regular auditing to ensure that your Backup System is working and your IT Disaster Recovery Plan is still effective. We can inspect and provide full written reports so that you know where your weaknesses lie before you find out the hard way.

Testing and Inspecting Your Backup System

ICJ Consulting provides Backup Audits ranging from a quick check-up of the backup log files on your Server to a full mock-disaster where we recover the data that is stored on your backup media to see how useful it would be in a disaster. Whatever your testing and inspection requirement, we can test your Backup System to ensure that it is functioning correctly. Our written reports will highlight any weaknesses in your backup equipment and your backup strategy and suggest possible remedies that will help protect you against critical data loss.

Testing and Inspecting Your IT Disaster Recovery Plan

Not only can ICJ Consulting test your backup system & strategy, we can also provide a full audit of your IT Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure that it is relevant to your business today. We know that business positions and your IT needs can change regularly, and will undertake to review your Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure that it continues to meet your objectives. Our written reports will highlight any weaknesses and suggest remedies that will ensure you continue to have good solid plans in place should the worst occur.

Testing Third Party Solutions

We understand that you may not have purchased your backup solution from ICJ Consulting, and many other firms offer Disaster Recovery Planning advice. If you fear that the solution you have purchased may not be working correctly, or would like a second opinion then our auditing services are the perfect way to have your systems and policies fully inspected. Furthermore our written reports will advise you on how to make good any shortcomings so that you become prepared long before the worst happens.